Branding / Packaging Design / Commnunication Design

The branding, packaging and communication project for the Romanian cheese producer Biocarpathia was an exciting and successful journey.
The first step was to explore and understand the essence of Biocarpathia: the passion for tradition, the effort to obtain quality natural ingredients and the commitment to protect and regenerate the ecosystem of the Brasov area.

We have created a brand identity with personality that reflects both the authentic roots and the innovation behind the production process.
Through the design of the product labels, we wanted to convey that Biocarpathia products are natural, healthy, certified and guaranteed to be ecological (bio) and of mountain origin.
The communication highlights the local provenance of ingredients and traditional production methods. We have implemented integrated strategies, including both online platforms and local events, to connect directly with enthusiasts and bring them closer to the unique experience offered by Biocarpathia products.

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