In Vino Mysterium

Branding / Packaging Design / Commnunication Design

Mysterium is a special wine created by Jidvei, one of the biggest wine producers in Romania.

The concept behind this unique brand has originated from the secret of its making. “Blended from up to three hand-picked grape varieties, the making of each MYSTERIUM bottle is a well kept oenological secret so that the final product shall be a mystery in itself, ready to be tasted and discovered.”

With that in mind, Spotlight Design created a label that reveals the wine’s name and branding only in a special light.

Owner’s Choice Wines – Branding & Packaging

The castles tell a story about knights, noblemen and chivalry, but in Tarnava Valley, they also tell a story about wine, they are a symbol of an ancient tradition in the art of vine growing an wine making.
We invite you to discover this beautiful tradition with a glass of Owner’s Choice wine, satisfaction guaranteed by The Owner.

Mysterium Branding
Mysterium Branding
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Mysterium wine packaging
Vin Mysterium Branding & Packaging
Sampanie Mysterium Branding
Spumant Mysterium Branding & Packaging
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Ana & Maria Branding
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